Winter at the Australian Shiatsu College

As the days draw shorter, the slower, cold and dark qualities of Winter, the most Yin of the seasons take hold.

Winter corresponds to the Water Element in Oriental Medicine Theory and the yin-yang pairing of the Kidneys and Bladder.

Together they work to regulate the water passageways of the body. The colour associated is that of blue/black tones. As such if there is an imbalance within the Water element there may be signs of swelling or puffiness, or dark circles under the eyes.

The Kidneys embody our core energy and can be particularly vulnerable to the cold at this time of the year. Gently stoking the fire within with warm foods and keeping the lower back well covered helps to protect our energy reserves.

Living in harmony with the seasons would traditionally see Winter as a time for conserving resources, balancing activity with rest and making time quiet self-reflection as the natural pull of energy moves further inwards.   We can observe this period of stillness reflected in nature – a time of rest and hibernation in preparation for later springtime months.

Winter at the Australian Shiatsu College sees preparations for the second half of the academic year, along with mid-year enrolments for new students. Our Winter Open Day on June 24th provides an opportunity for those curious to learn more about shiatsu and the college.

In July, Hendrika Van Dyk’s workshop will offer a creative journey through the Chakra system.  While August will be the final month to take advantage of the early bird pricing for UK practitioner Suzanne Yates maternity care workshops.

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