Summer at the Australian Shiatsu College

The Summer months see us reach the most Yang time of the year.

​​The expansive and warm energy of the season corresponds with the Fire Element in Oriental Medicine theory. In nature, we see this as flowers and fruits bloom – maturing in to their full potential.

The associated colour is red, the emotion is joy and the sound is laughter. 

The network of the Fire phase is unique in that it shares two yin-yang pairings of the Heart and Small Intestine and the Heart Protector and Triple Warmer.

The Heart, likened to the Emperor in Oriental Medicine, holds our seat of consciousness, the ‘I Am’ and is nourished by connection – both our inner and outer relationships. The Yang partner of the Small Intestine further helps to nourish the Heart by filtering and offering up what is helpful from our food and life experiences.

The radiating heat of Summer can easily injure and agitate the Fire network. It is where shiatsu may help balance us through the seasons, supporting the smooth flow of qi, which in turns allows the clarity, connection, joy and lightness of the season to flow through.

At the Shiatsu College, Summer sees preparations for the academic year ahead and we are looking forward to hosting Bill Palmer and Teresa Hadland from the UK for a series of workshops in early February.

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