Spring at the Australian Shiatsu College

Beneath the earth, seeds bound in a heavy blanket of winter, have been patiently waiting for the right conditions to manifest. Suddenly, along with the warmer days, you may have noticed a profusion of bright green buds ready to burst. Like the morning hum of the birds and the bees, or a pungent whiff of freesias on the breeze, the essence of spring is stimulating, productive, and already in full flow.

As the seeds of nature begin to germinate, so too the seeds of ideas that we have held and nurtured throughout the winter now feel ripe and ready to pursue. We may feel inspired to throw ourselves into creative projects, open to connecting with others, or learning something new. 

In the theory of The Five Elements, Spring is associated with the Wood element within us which when in harmony results in a strong sense of boundaries and flowing creativity. Like the branches of a malnourished tree though, out of balance, Wood can be brittle, inflexible, and at times…easy to snap. You can support the Wood element within by engaging in activities that encourage the free flow of Qi such as a brisk morning walks, singing, dancing, Qigong and of course regular Shiatsu. 

The Wood element governs the function of the Liver and Gallbladder, and because Spring is the time when the Liver is most active, it is important to eat foods that strengthen and cleanse the Liver. Green is the color associated with both the Liver and Spring so naturally eating green, leafy, seasonal vegetables, especially sprouted or young leaves, as well as introducing a squeeze of lemon juice in warm water before breakfast will also benefit the Liver as it is naturally stimulated by sour tastes. 

Our student community is now well into their second semester of study. The first-year students are developing their Shiatsu skills in our Level 1 clinic where their work evokes a truly beautiful and peaceful atmosphere. Our final year student and graduate practitioner clinics continue to be in consistently high demand. In response to this we are now offering Thursday evening Practitioner Clinics. We recommend booking at least a week in advance to secure a place on the futon! 

In other news, the recent Oriental Medicine Lecture Series with Stephen Birch on treating emotional and auto-immune issues with Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion was very well received. Stephen is an internationally respected practitioner and author whose research is of benefit to both Eastern and Western medical science. 

2020 is quickly approaching and we look forward to offering more options for further professional development starting with a series of workshops in January with Bill Palmer and Teresa Hadland from the UK, quickly followed by the commencement of Traditional Japanese Moxibustion Therapy with Paul Movsessian in February. We are also gearing up to welcome a new round of Zen and Diploma students into our ever broadening community. For more information or to register your interest about study options in 2020 please visit our website or come along to our next Open Day on Sunday, October 27.

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