Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies HLT52215

Why are you interested in studying Shiatsu? It’s a question we ask all new students. What brought you here? What are you hoping to experience and achieve?

The reasons are many, as varied and unique as our students. Career change, wanting to be a change-maker in the world, wanting to support family and friends at home, wanting to explore Oriental medicine. Sometimes it’s simply that intangible feeling of being called by Oriental medicine that taps into something deeper within.

The Shiatsu Diploma

The Shiatsu Diploma is not just about the practicalities of becoming a qualified Shiatsu practitioner, but also a journey of self-exploration and discovery, of who, how and why we are as we are in the world. 

You will gain an understanding of a more holistic and integrated way of thinking, that attunes to the cycle of five elements, the seasons and our connection to the wider world. You will also experience an inward journey of self, connecting more deeply with yourself, your values, ways of being, your self-expression.

Level One

Diploma 15

Your Shiatsu journey begins in Level 1, studying the techniques of Zen Shiatsu, the theories and frameworks of Oriental medicine, and Anatomy and Physiology, as well as best practices in Work, Health and Safety. 

Over the course of your first year, you will develop and expand the hands-on practice of Shiatsu, with Classical and Barefoot techniques. There are opportunities for supervised clinical practice to apply and practice those skills.

You will also undertake a number of units that will give you a deeper understanding, and confidence, interacting with clients, and diverse client groups, as well as the practicalities of running a health care practice.

Level Two

Level 2 introduces diagnostic techniques, recognising the signs and symptoms of a range of common pathologies from a Chinese Medicine perspective. You are introduced to working with clients from specific groups, and across the life span, from children to care of elders, and those with living with chronic health issues. 

You will learn the techniques and applications of cupping, moxibustion, gua sha, stretches and Sotai to integrate into your shiatsu treatments. Your theoretical knowledge of Oriental medicine theory will deepen with further in-depth study of the five elements and eight extraordinary channels.

Diploma 16

Diet and nutrition from a Chinese Medicine perspective are offered to enhance your capacity to support client care and lifestyle choices, in a clinical setting. And importantly, there is a focus on self-care, through Qi maintenance, self-Shiatsu, and nutrition, so you can be at your best when offering Shiatsu to clients.

You will be able to determine a treatment strategy and plan, based on assessment skills developed in class. The second-year clinic provides an opportunity to consolidate skills learnt in class, in a supervised and real-world environment.

And you will close your studies having completed a business plan, to support your entry into professional practice.

Your Commitment

Level One classes run weekly on Mondays and Tuesday, with day or evening options subject to enrolment numbers. Semesters commence in February and July each year.

Level Two classes run on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with student clinic on Fridays.

2020 dates

  • Semester One:
    • Monday 17th February – Friday 26th June
    • Midterm break: Thursday 9th April – Sunday 19th April
  • Semester Two:
    • Monday 20th July – Tuesday 1st December
    • Midterm break: Saturday 19th September – Sunday 27th September

Learn More

We also offer a range of Short Course study options drawn from Diploma subjects.

To learn more about your study options, please visit us on our upcoming Open Day. This is a great opportunity to talk to students and staff about the course and experience Shiatsu from our students. 

To enrol, download our latest prospectus and complete an expression of interest form.

Articulation pathways exist for graduates wishing to pursue further studies in Chinese Medicine following completion of the Diploma.

Further information on the Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies training package can be found at training.gov.au.

The Australian Shiatsu College (TOID3609) is a recognised and accredited provider of Shiatsu training by Shiatsu Therapy Association of Australia (STAA), the peak membership organisation for Shiatsu in Australia. All ASC Diploma graduates are eligible for registration with STAA and other natural therapy membership associations.

​The next intake for the Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies is in February 2020. 

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