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Five Element Acupressure

This 4 day (March: 4,5,7,8) foundation course is a dynamic, exciting and practical introduction to Five Element Acupressure. The skills learned can immediately be applied both in clinical practice and with friends and family. The class offers plenty of opportunity for supervised, hands on practice.

The course content includes the following:-
• History and philosophy of Chinese Medicine
• Tao, Yin and Yang, Qi, Five Elements
• Twelve Meridians, Central Channel
• Basic and extended head, neck and shoulder release
• Lower back and pelvic release patterns
• 51 acupressure points, locations and uses
• Treatment patterns for specific conditions
• First Aid, Symptomatic and Diagnostic Acupressure
• Finding the predominant Element
• Basic Five Element Diagnosis

Levels 2 (August: 12,13,15,16) and 3 (November: 11,12,14,15 ) build upon the basic knowledge and skills learned in this course.


Wednesday 4th March 2020 - Sunday 8th March 2020

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