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Zen Shiatsu

Zen Shiatsu is based on the natural use of body weight and a meditative approach. You will learn:

  • basic Masunaga meridian stretch positions
  • palming techniques for tonification
  • Makka-ho exercises
  • Qi development (for personal use)
  • basic Back and Hara (abdomen) diagnosis
  • a variety of energy balancing techniques
  • how to plan a treatment

Upon completing the course you will be equipped with a range of skills for self-care and the ability to practice Zen Shiatsu on your family and friends.

Those wishing to study further and become full Shiatsu Practitioners could then continue their studies in our Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine.​

Other short courses on offer include Oriental Medicine Foundations and Physiology.


Mondays from 18th July to 28th November 2022

(Mid-Semester Break Thursday 15th September to Sunday 25th September 2022 – no classes)

(Melbourne Cup week Monday 31st October – no classes)

Day or Evening class options are available (subject to enrolment numbers).

** Day class currently full, waiting list only or night class still available

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