Oriental Medicine Frameworks

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This event is running from 22 February 2021 until 14 February 2022. It is next occurring on February 14, 2022

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Oriental Medicine encompasses the range of traditional East Asian medicinal systems and is based on the underlying philosophy of Yin/Yang. This way of looking at the world is wholistic and dualistic.

Arising from a close observation of the rhythms of nature and the response of the body to changes in the climatic environment, it draws on the theories of Yin/Yang and the Five Elements. These understandings of the fundamentals movements that exist in our world allow us to understand the ways in which our body functions and responds to the world in which we live.

In Oriental Medicine the organs of the body are seen as having a functional influence that extends beyond the physical, into the thoughts and emotions that create our experience of the world. These organs act as a team, supporting each other’s functions and thus also relying on health throughout the whole body to function optimally.

This allows a view of the body that accounts for all parts of the whole, identifying how imbalance in one area can cause dis-ease in another. It engages an understanding of how the human body responds to the world in which it lives, thriving and struggling in the face of external influences.

Through exploring this way of understanding the body you will gain a deeper insight into your health and the universe around you. This provides a foundation to learn how to live with the rhythms of nature and find a healthy balance within your life.

In Oriental Medicine Frameworks 1 you will explore:

  • History and Philosophy of Oriental Medicine
  • Yin Yang Theory
  • Five Element Theory
  • Qi, Blood and Body Fluids
  • 12 Organ theory
  • How the body works (physiology) from an Oriental Medicine perspective

In Oriental Medicine Frameworks 2 (offered in the second half of the year) you deepen your understanding as you explore:

  • Causes of disease
  • How the body responds when disease (pathology) is present from an Oriental Medicine perspective

Other short courses on offer include Zen Shiatsu and Physiology.


Mondays from 14th February to 20th June 2022

(Mid-Semester Break Thursday 14th April to Sunday 24th April 2022 – no classes)

Day or Evening class options available (subject to enrolment numbers).

Course fees

Cost $620 per semester (runs for 2 semesters)

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