Japanese Therapies Integrative Practice

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22nd November 2020


Yellow Room

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Kirsten Muzeen


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These Japanese Therapies Integrative Practice Sessions are open to shiatsu practitioners and meridian therapists and moxibustion practitioners.
We look at the practical applications of the classics of East Asian medicine and the role of embodiment in practice.
Our growing community comes together to develop skills in pulse, channel and hara palpation, 5 phases root and branch treatments and moxibustion.
Regular practice and making time for integration with colleagues are an important part of the Japanese lineage.
These group mentoring sessions are led by Kirsten Muzeen, she has studied Healing Shiatsu with Sonia Moriceau and Manaka Protocols, Toyohari Meridian therapy and much more with Paul Movsessian and senior Japanese teachers since 2003.
14th June 2020
The theme that has emerged for this session is the San Jiao – how this system regulates so much of health and wellbeing.
As always I’ll bring in some inspiration from the classics of East Asian medicine, how our breathing and embodiment can help us regulate the San Jiao, a really supportive direct moxa routine for immune health and we’ll explore the extraordinary vessel pairing of San Jiao and Dai Mai.
We’ll be practising our Pericardium skills, connecting and sensing circulation, nurturing our heart/minds.

For this session we won’t be treating or palpating each other – just feeling our own pulse & channels and practising the direct moxa on ourselves.

If you have gold ibuki moxa bring that (and incense etc) and also zinc and copper pellets.
I will have some moxa to use on the day too.

The 2 hour session is $50
To book your place please email hello@embodyingintervals.com

More opportunities to deepen our practice together on the following Sundays 2-4pm
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