Mid year enrolments into our short courses starting 18th July are now open!

Emergent Practitioner

five element theory
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Course duration: 18 weeks

Two of the pillars of maintaining health with Oriental Medicine are dietary therapy and movement therapy.

During this course you will learn the fundamentals of Oriental Medicine dietary therapy. You will explore how to use the five flavours along with seasonal food selection and cooking methods. This allows for a diet that helps keep the body attuned and in balance with the seasons of nature. Through an exploration of dietary changes, you will experience the benefits that small changes can make to your physical, mental and emotional health. This will include a live cooking class to explore the use of quality organic ingredients and recipes.

You will participate in a series of Qi building exercises, in the form of a 8-week Qigong course. Through this regular practice you will reflect upon the connection with Qi within your body and its healthy movement through your channels.

Through exploring this way of honouring your body you will gain a deeper insight into your health and the universe around you. This provides a foundation to learn how to live with the rhythms of nature and find a healthy balance within your life.

You also will engage in a series of integration classes where you bring your knowledge of shiatsu and Oriental medicine into a whole treatment regime for yourself and the people you treat.

NB This course is only for students who have previously studied:

  • Zen Shiatsu


  • Oriental Medicine Frameworks at the Australian Shiatsu College or can demonstrate foundational knowledge in the fundamentals of Oriental Medicine

It is also a great complement to those furthering their studies in Classical and/or Barefoot Shiatsu.

Participation in this course can be credited towards full study in the Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies for those pursuing a formal qualification.

**Places are strictly limited

Dates:        Tuesdays from 19th July to 29th November 2022
(Mid-semester break Tuesday 20th  September – no classes)

                   (No classes Melbourne cup week Tuesday 1st November)

Times:        19th July to 18th October 7:30 to 9:30pm

                       25th November to 29th November 5 to 10pm

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