Barefoot Shiatsu


05 October 2021


Australian Shiatsu College


$ 495


Australian Shiatsu College


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This form of Shiatsu focuses on using feet to deliver Shiatsu. Barefoot Shiatsu is a full-body system that seeks to harmonise qi and balance the body in an integrated manner.

You will learn the protocols, techniques and sequences of applying Barefoot Shiatsu to clients, whilst further developing your skills of assessment through observation and palpation. Correct posture, qi projection, energetic and mindful connection are also key features of this form of Shiatsu. Barefoot Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing and meditative form of Shiatsu that generates well-being for both giver and receiver.

Barefoot Shiatsu runs for 9 weeks.

Those wishing to study further and become full Shiatsu Practitioners could then continue their studies in our Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine.

This short course has a prerequisite of prior study in Zen Shiatsu Short Course.


The next offering of this program will run in semester 2 2021.

Classes will be held on Mondays from 5th October to 7th December 2021

(No classes November 2nd – Melbourne Cup Day)

Day or Evening class options available (subject to enrolment numbers). ​

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